Our steel cylinders are launched in the wake of a growing reputation.

We are able to secure the market via sincere service and professional commitment.

Professional Gas Cylinder Solutions

Yuhua is a professional steel pressure vessel provider in China, and we are dedicated to making various kinds of refillable LPG gas cylinders and high pressure LNG gas cylinders. As a LPG cylinder manufacturer with over 30 years of production experience, we could provide liquefied petroleum gas tank with water capacity of 7.3L-118L, as well as diverse auto LPG and LNG cylinder tanks. 60L-120L commercial LPG cylinders are applicable for buses, coaches and taxis, while 45L-145L CNG gas cylinders usually work as auto gas tanks in cars and trucks. In addition, industrial LPG storage tank can be tailored to fit for flame cutting.

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    1. ISO 4706 Standard LPG Cylinder

      The cylindrical body, top dome, bottom dome and other pressure parts are made from killed steel, and the killed steel is manufactured by open hearth furnace, electric furnace or oxygen converter. Thus, our liquefied petroleum gas tank exhibits excellent stamping and welding properties.

    1. LPG Cylinder for Vehicle

      This LPG gas bottle is able to work within the temperature range of -40°C~+60°C, and it has a high working pressure (2.2MPa). Meanwhile, it is also characterized by large capacity, beautiful appearance, good fatigue resistance and so on.

    1. LPG Cylinder for Forklift

      When manufacturing LPG forklift cylinders, the entire body is annealed via electrical heating. As a result, welding stress exists in all welding seams, including seams generated when welding valve pad, is eliminated completely.
      Both real-time X-ray inspection and magnetic particle inspection are non destructive testing methods used to detect welding seams, thus ensuring stable and reliable product quality.

    1. Coated Steel CNG Cylinder for Vehicle

      Our CNG gas tank has a design wall thickness range of 6-9mm, and it undergoes rigorous cyclic test to evaluate its fatigue resistance, service life, security and reliability. Meanwhile, there is a layer of epoxy coating on the cylinder body to offer a nice appearance.

    1. Type 2 CNG Cylinder for Vehicle

      The CNG-2 cylinder is composed of steel liner and circumferential composite wrap around the middle of cylinder. The composite wrap is formed by winding fiber around tank body (computer controlled), and then curing at high temperature. In this way, both inherent quality and appearance are superior in this industry.

    1. Welded Steel Gas Cylinder

      The cylindrical body, top dome, bottom dome and other pressure parts are constructed from killed steel which is processed by open hearth furnace, electric furnace or oxygen converter. These components impart good welding and stamping properties to this propane gas cylinder.

  • Service
  • ZHINUO, as a steel cylinder provider, is also the foreign sales department of Jiangsu Yuhua Vessel Manufacture Co., Ltd., and it has built up well-skilled sales team and service team to satisfy every customer.

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Yuhua is a specialized steel cylinder expert in China, and our gas cylinders are extensively used around the world due to our splendid competitive advantages as demonstrated below.